Lisa LeVan


I'm Lisa LeVan, poet, photographer, and self-proclaimed "theatre geek" who just happens to find herself in films.

I was born and raised in Spokane, Washington then, at the age of 15, moved to the Seattle area where I now live and act. I've always wanted to be an actress, so after graduated college I started putting my feelers out and found some good people who helped me find my path.

In 2010, I wrote a short film which was based on an experience I had seeing a woman at a local bakery. I couldn't take my eyes off her, she fascinated me, and I desperately wanted to find out how she ticked. Later that weekend, a story came to me. It was a story about a woman dying of cancer who lived as if today was the first day of her life. Six months later, with the help of my friend, Keith Bolling (director of photography for Connect To), we adapted my original story into a short film and submitted to a local film festival. He directed, my boyfriend and I starred in it, and our crew consisted of two people.

At the awards ceremony, our little film, Out of Darkness, won the special judges award. In that moment, I was so proud to be a film maker - to have my story told - and to have the support of my dear friend, Keith, who believed in my work. And it just so happened that in that room, later that night, a certain beautiful bird named Wonder Russell came to me and said, "Let's take that scene we've been working on for the past year into a movie." I looked at her and said, "that's a crazy idea, yes I'll do it."

Connect To, which is my producing debut, brought me together again with the magical duo consisting of Director Sam Nuttmann and Director of Photography, Keith Bolling. This was our third project together! Thanks guy's for saying, "Yes!"

The journey we took to bring this story to life spanned a year, filled with workshops, road trips, flights, margaritas, too many kinds words, Wonder's credit card, and a last but not least, a lot of laughter. . I couldn't be more proud of Connect To and the incredible work and care put into it. I'm grateful to the other co-producers, Wonder Russell and Paul Vitulli, and everyone who helped to make this a beautiful little film with a big heart.

Lisa can also be seen in the feature film, Dicotomy, the Seattle based webseries, Family. On stage, she has recieved critical acclaim for her roles as Evelyn in Absent Friends, Helen Sherman in The Seven Year Itch, and Mary Haines in The Women. Lisa studies with Los Angeles based acting coach, Steven Anderson and credits him for any and all success she may have on the stage or screen. "He has opened me up and shown me the path to any and all characters that are required to flow through me. Today, I'm a healthy, vibrant, and joyful actor - able to live truthfully in any imaginary circumstances - because of his teachings." Lisa is also a self-proclaimed 'insanely romantic poet' and has enjoyed writing and producing the video poems for Connect To's beloved backers.