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A dramedy costarring Russell as hygiene obsessed and "mentally childlike" Whitney and Lisa LeVan as Laurie, a woman escaping a cheating husband, Connect To is all about resolve, the dangers of people that worship Satan and eat kitten heads, and figuring out when we can be okay with finishing what we've started.

Cat May 25, 2011

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Phil Holbrook

Independent Movie Review

"★★★★☆" ~
I had the opportunity to watch "Connect To" last night, and I am in awe. I watched it again, with my wife, today. It's not often that you get to see, not one but two beautifully tragic, yet strong female characters. The leads, played by Lisa LeVan and Wonder Russell were absolutely fantastic as unlikely friends brought together by a bus ride and their own troubled circumstances. My only complaint is that the film was too short. I could have watched these two superbly acted characters under the direction of Sam Nuttmann for much longer than 15 minutes. More please.

Phil Holbrook April 9, 2011

Hill filmmaker turns to the crowd
to make her bid for SIFF

Capitol Hill Seattle

Wonder Russell is an actor/producer who lives on Capitol Hill and is putting the power of crowdsourcing behind a project she hopes will be her big break. Only three days after listing her project at, Russell had more than met her original goal of $2,500 to finish production of her short film, Connect To.

CHS traded a few e-mails with Russell, and here is what we learned.

First things first -- how'd you come to be an actor, and what brought you to Capitol Hill?

Anika Smith Jan 15, 2011

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