I've honestly never seen an indie that looked so good. Ever. ~ David Dalbey (graphic designer)

Beautiful, engaging and entertaining ... Magnificent. ~ Moses Olson (actor, writer)

I was blown away. ~ Mike Denman (director, founder of Team Awesome)

Cinematic Sweetness ... Connect To is a thing of beauty ~ Jeremy Bell (director)

Laurie: "What if you find out you're married to monster that eats kitten heads..."
Whitney: "or worships Satan? It's funny to me how those always go together."

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What is Connect To

Connect To is a story about friendship and how two young women, in the process of running away, collide in the middle of the night, on a bus. Laurie needs sleep, while Whitney needs to finish singing all of the songs on her iPod. After a blow up at 3 am, will these two make it through the night?

Connect To explores the idea that friendship blossoms when we least expect it, and while Whitney and Laurie don't know it yet, sometimes the person right next to them is exactly the person they need to connect to.

Connect To is based on a scene written by Eric Collin Campbell, directed by Steven Anderson, and performed by Wonder Russell & Lisa LeVan in LA for the 2010 Actorswork Showcase, Kaleidoscope. Both girls are rejects and runaways, desperate to find someone they can trust and connect to.


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