A Note from Lisa

Her favorite Poster

If you can imagine it, you can breathe it to life! One year ago, I had the honor of being scene partners with the one and only Wonder. We were given a script that was rumored to be so well written that it should be made into a short film.

The seed was planted!

Shortly after class ended, while enjoying sushi, Wonder and I pledged to take a roadtrip to LA. Hahahahahahahaha, Yeah right! At the end of May, in a confused yet confident state I declared (on facebook of all places!) that I was packing up and leaving for LA!!!

And then it happened....The story began to take life.

Wonder contacted me immediately and vowed to join me. The destination...A showcase called Kaleidosope, where our scene would be further developed and explored. Kaleidoscope was a success and our scene had the honor of being the show' s headliner.

We returned home thinking about the future and how in the world we would turn this little gem into a film. Well, Wonder took care of that part. In a confused yet confident state she pulled out her credit card and declared "We' re making this film now!"

A Note from Wonder

Her favorite Poster

Every worthy endeavor begins with a leap of faith! I decided to produce this film, quite literally, out of a concept, and into being. The first step I took was to raise funds with an online bake sale. I was hopeful, but deep down I feared I would fall on my face and everyone would gather around to point and laugh at me.

Within hours, however, I got my first pledge.

It was from Greg Brown, a colleague at Runic Games where I am blessed to work, and it was generous beyond words. Greg simply said, "No baked goods, please. Just go and make your movie." I was stunned.

And then I experienced true producer emotions: sheer terror. Suddenly, it was real.

The project was going to happen.

And I was responsible --responsible to everyone who worked on it and to everyone who pledged funds; responsible with their hopes and dreams to make a film we were proud of.

A Note from Sam

His favorite Poster

I'm a guy that can't say no to a good project, even when that means scheduling it two weeks after receiving the proposal to fit it in before another shoot in LA, and an extended jaunt through Central America.

But when you receive an email from Lisa LeVan enthusiastically exclaiming "We have a movie!!!" and realize that the already eccentric Wonder Russel will be playing the part of an even more eccentric nut house escapee, well, you can't say no to that.

Fast forward to 4am, gas station outside north bend, cold and snowing, a crew of many gripping giant paper coffee cups for warmth.

The question of "What have I signed up for?" never crosses my mind. I had just watched the dailies from the day before, I already knew this film was gonna be good, I knew it, and the dailies confirmed it!

Our team has created something special, something beautiful.

The only question in my mind at that point was, "Is smoking a cigarette at a gas station dangerous? Eh, I'm sure the friendly gas station manager would say something if it isn't ... Roll cameras."

Filmmaking is a collaborative art.

Good storytelling doesn't happen without good collaboration. I'm proud to have been a part of a team of excellent collaborators, artists, professionals, and friends. I look forward to seeing this film travel successfully through the festival circuit and beyond.